Foto Szanto

Having finished the press photographer course of MUOSZ (National Association of Hungarian Journalists), György Szántó started working for Heves County's daily newspaper - Népújság. As a photographer he worked for the newspaper for almost twenty years; additionally, he worked as an editor for ten years. He is a member of both MÚOSZ and the international sport association (A.I.P.S.).
His main field of work included domestic politics and sport. His works were put on display in a separate exhibition, and he has won several prizes with his photographs throughout his career. In the 90's his attention turned towards photography for advertisement and technical purposes. During this period Mr Szántó had the opportunity to visit various countries of the world, ranging from South Africa to the U.S.A. These visits further enhanced his professional carrier. He compiled and still compiles series of photos focusing on travel and tourism - several of these pictures were published in Hungarian specialist periodicals and travel brochures, some of them were included in the book titled The Pictures of the Year. Mr Szántó is proud of the fact that his private enterprise has now come to the first decade of its existence, and of the fact that more and more of his customers return to work with him again. Mr Szántó has been constantly developing his technical facilities; consequently, he is now able to fully comply with the demands of his customers, and make photos and advertisement brochures at short date-lines

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